What We Do

We provide the entire package to excel in the art & business of movies & entertainment

Catalyst Movie Project Designing & Consultancy

A movie is the magnificent coming together of talented a writer, director, actors and a good investor. By being a good bridge between these 4 entities we intend to create some good films for the 5th stakeholder - the audience and this is what we call ‘Project Designing’.

Credentials in this area include:

Catalyst Movie Branding & Marketing

We believe every film is to be treated and built as a brand and marketed very scientifically with a proper strategy. What is as important as the money spent on marketing a film is the thought that goes into it and here our expertise in marketing strategy and branding comes in.

Some films we marketed and the challenges.

Catalyst Movie Media Consultancy

Catalyst strategically builds the brand of a movie through 360-degree media campaigns with the support of close alliances in the field of media.

Some of the production houses we have worked with include

Catalyst Talent & Celebrity Management

Talent is God’s gift to mankind and we feel it should find its right place so that it brings joy to everyone.

We believe that talent is not something that is simply discovered – it requires vision, dedication, right choices, lots of hard work and personalised attention. Our commitment is to ensure that our clients achieve their professional and personal goals.

Across film, television, music, digital media, marketing, and beyond, we represent leading actors, directors, writers, producers, musicians, broadcasters, consumer brands, and more.

Catalyst strives to identify, hone and promote all talent in the field of entertainment so that they can showcase their skills to the world.

Some of the talent we represent today

Catalyst Casting

“I always say that casting is 85 to 90 percent of the picture for me. So, all of you ... insist on what you want, and ...don’t settle for close enough or second best.”
- Martin Scorsese

Casting for films as an independent craft is still a concept that is in its nascent stages in the South Indian Cinema. However, both in Hollywood and Bollywood, there are Casting Agencies and Casting Professionals doing wonders in this specialized discipline.

Catalyst aims at developing the concept of casting for the entire feature film and is always on the look out for fresh talent

Some films which we cast are...

Catalyst Celebrity

Celebrity endorsements with the right fit help brands achieve specific objectives. Celebrity appearances make events reach more audiences. A celebrity's social media following helps a brand reach millions of their followers.

The relationships we have built over the years equips us to get the best deals for anyone who is seeking celebrity endorsements, appearances, openings, performances or social media collaborations.

Few deals we have done over the years include